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Nordic and Culture

Experience the Richness of Nordic Involvement Through These Existing Events

Nordic Nigeria Connect 2023

Innovation for a Greener Future

Cocktail reception


This year's cultural event features artiste Mmemuchi, a Finnish-Nigerian Artist, and a Documentary Film on
“Afrobeats popularity in Sweden”


Documentary on Afrobeats popularity in Sweden

This documentary describes how the Nigerian music genre Afrobeat became so appreciated and extremely popular in a country far away, also the third largest music exporting country in the world: Sweden. What can Sweden and the Swedish people learn of Nigeria via Afrobeat music? 

The documentary will be screened at the opening of the cocktail reception at 06:00 pm. Don't miss it!

Artiste Memmuchi


Memmuchi is an 18 year old Nigerian-Finnish Afrobeats artist who came onto the scene earlier this year with her debut singles “Pokoe" featuring Goya Menor and "Money and Power".

She just released her latest single "Sunmomi" on October 5th.

Memmuchi’s soulful tunes and thought-provoking lyrics have set her aside as one of Afrobeats most promising rising stars.
She is releasing her debut EP by the end of this year.

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