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Swedish Company Profiles

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SEB is a leading northern European financial services group with international reach. We exist to positively shape the future with responsible advice and capital, today and for generations to come. By partnering with our customers, we want to be a leading catalyst in the transition to a more sustainable world. In Sweden and the Baltic countries, SEB offers financial advice and a wide range of financial services. 
In Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, and the United Kingdom, we have a strong focus on corporate and investment banking based on a full-service offering to corporate and institutional clients. The international nature of SEB’s business is reflected in our presence in more than 20 countries worldwide, with around 17,500 employees. At 30 September 2023, the Group’s total assets amounted to SEK 4,134 bn while assets under management totaled SEK 2,194bn. 
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With more than 50,000 systems installed in over 70 counties, the Sensys Gatso Group is a leading world-wide player in traffic safety, environmental zone, and access control systems with a strong commitment to improve road safety, reduce exhaust emissions and noise pollution, and to optimise traffic flows. With dedication to innovation, quality, and reliability, the more than 200 employees of the Sensys Gatso Group develop and produce equipment and software in Sweden and the Netherlands. Sensys Gatso also has subsidiaries in Australia, Germany and the USA, and a branch office in the United Arab Emirates.

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Misol M&E Limited is a Nigerian-based technology company focused on the development and delivery of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Automated Traffic Enforcement solutions to the West African market. Misol M&E and Sensys Gatso are strongly committed to improvement of road safety in Nigeria through policy advice, planning and deployment of traffic enforcement and congestion relief systems in close cooperation with federal and state authorities.


SWEBORG Nigeria Ltd, is a Swedish-Nigerian company established in 2008. SWEBORG is involved in wide range of spectrum of business activities and services in West Africa, to government agencies and private firms. Examples are: (1) Solar-powered Water desalination & treatment solution system. A Swedish sustainable innovation development using complex Filtration technology, without any Chemicals application. (2) Renewable energy solution: RURAL electrification - using mini & off grid solar energy mix. (3) Conducting Training in Renewable energy engineering/related activities, photovoltaic Solar method and power quality design & efficiency, etc., (4) Consultancy services to develop framework of PPA structuring, power quality/networks planning, project management services., and (5) Conducting Telecommunication of Networks of; “Quality of Service (QoS) benchmarking & drive test monitoring of GSM/fixed line & data, and networks optimization & provision of solution tools” for telecoms of networks service providers & operators.

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EKN, The Swedish Export Credit Agency, is an authority with the task of promoting Swedish exports. We do this by insuring the risk of not being paid in export transactions. EKN insures banks’  lending to both exporting companies and their buyers.
EKN’s guarantees make difficult markets available and enable more secure export transactions. Works with the big global companies as well as the very small ones, and guarantee their export business to over 130 countries. EKN was established already in 1933 and has since been a complement to the private export credit insurance market. EKN has a worldwide network of banks, companies and other countries’ export credit agencies, and work closely with other export promotion organisations in Sweden.


gnitia is the world’s first tropical weather forecasting company. Headquartered in Sweden with subsidiaries in Ghana and Nigeria, Ignitia has developed a highly accurate, hyper-local weather forecast delivered via SMS to farmers across West Africa. Ignitia’s model uses satellite data in partnership with major telecommunications firms to pinpoint farmer locations and provide forecasts with over 84% accuracy and to a 3 square km range. Ignitia is currently active in  West and East African countries (Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya etc) with over 2M subscribers.

Ignitia’s mission is to provide accurate weather forecasts that help farmers make better-informed decisions to improve their farming practices, thus increasing their yields and maximizing their profits to play a key part in stabilizing the value chain as a whole. These weather data and forecasts are accessible to farmers via SMS, WhatsApp; extension agents via mobile apps and web interface and agbusinesses through APIs. Ignitia's solutions empower farmers to make better-timed decisions, leading to improved grain quality (reported by 57% of farmers, 60db, ‘23), reduced reject rates (Nestle Aggregators, ‘22), and effective preparation and response to extreme weather events (60db, ‘23).

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