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Swedish Company Profiles

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Business Sweden (The Swedish Trade & Invest Council)’s aim is to strengthen and promote Sweden as an attractive, innovative and competitive business partner. Business Sweden is owned by the Swedish Government and the Swedish industry. The shared ownership provides access to contacts and networks at all levels. Business Sweden offers professional services, strategic advice, practical support, market insights and an extensive business/governmental network for Swedish companies looking to internationalize and International companies looking to grow and expand in Sweden. We have a strong presence in every region in Sweden and in 60 countries worldwide to promote the expertise of Swedish companies seeking internationalization and the brand “Made in Sweden “.


Fernando Lucumí is working as an international Standup Comedian and an Actor. He is the owner of a global production company called Melanin Media. Melanin Media producing Tv-series, Tv-Commercials and Movies. They also helping companies with social media strategies and campaigns.
At Melanin Media, we produce authentic and creative projects in film, tv and commercials. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to make a professional, beautiful product. We are a unique collection of creative souls who love making all types of media. We always strive to achieve our goals, but we also make sure to have an incredible time on the way there. Melanin Media, easy, fun, inspiring!

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WAO GLOBAL TRADING (Futurum Development Inc.)

Goal is to develop Africa into a prosperous continent by building new industries, create more jobs, increase education reduce poverty and assist developing Africa into a modern continent. The humanitarian business of Futurum was planned for over 10 years, while the start-up and registration of the company was done in July 2021. The mission is to build Africa to become modern sustainable industrial continent. Futurum Development aims to build beautiful, progressive homes and buildings while protecting the environment. Assisting the African people to start new businesses that are profitable and self-sustainable for the long term future, while at the same time, investing in non- profitable humanitarian projects.


Global Wissen Consult is a Swedish-Nigerian social development enterprise, established to pass the light of digital literacy to the youths through modern ways of learning.
They collaborate with universities to empower the students with digital literacy and tools. By distributing their digital entrepreneurship program and providing students with the digital knowledge and skills they need to succeed as entrepreneurs in today’s digital era.

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GREEN & AMP; Berries Farm Limited Nigeria (GrowPipes AB)

GROWPIPES is a patented, highly space-efficient, economically sustainable, and user friendly vertical hydroponic system with a focus on building farms requiring minimal water use for efficient cultivation. Every section 15 cm tall, 7,5 cm in diameter enables you to maximise any given cultivation area whether it is for a small home unit or a large commercial indoor or greenhouse system. We believe the future of crop production is soil-less.

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