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Finnish Company Profiles


INFRADREAMS LTD is a multinational company focused on sustainable and impactful solutions related to infrastructure, waste management and improving local living conditions. The company was established in Finland on 2019 and in the same year got registered in Nigeria, where it has been operating since. The company's mission is to solve infrastructure related challenges in Nigeria with Finnish and European technology and knowledge. The main focus is on waste management and the company is aiming to be part of solving the rapidly growing country’s waste challenges by offering the most optimal solutions for the region.
The solutions offered are based on the European standard for waste management. INFRADREAMS LTD is MOLOK’s official distributor in Nigeria and a partner. The waste containers used are provided by MOLOK LTD.


Calabar Itu Road 96,
Uyo, Akwa Ibom State,


Hofstede Insights is an international consulting firm that has spent over 30 years helping some of the world’s largest organisations transform their intercultural and organisational challenges into business success stories and translating academic research into powerful actions.
Our firm was founded in 1985 with the support of Prof. Geert Hofstede, the internationally respected Dutch academic who pioneered research into cultures and organisations. Our global HQ is in Helsinki, Finland, and we have partners/country offices in 45 other countries. 
We make abstract concepts tangible, using a data-driven approach, which in return helps our clients gain valuable insights, leveraging workplace culture and diversity for superior performance.


7th Floor, Mulliner Towers,
39 Alfred Rewane Road,
Ikoyi, Lagos.


RiverRecycle was established in Helsinki, Finland, in 2019 by Anssi Mikola and today, our team is active in nine countries and benefits from a vast network of partnerships and collaborations. We have five active sites and much more in our pipeline, effectively collecting and recycling plastic waste and floating debris.
Our operations support municipalities in managing plastic waste and generating safe and fair job opportunities, stimulating the economy in hosting communities. We operate within the circular economy, recycling, reusing, or disposing of waste properly and selling the recycling products to finance our operations.
Our goal is to install 500 river-cleaning solutions over the next eight years to prevent 60% of river-born plastic waste from entering the oceans.
While the impacts of plastic pollution are felt universally, finding actors to take responsibility can be challenging. RiverRecycle vision is to take action by closing the loop on plastic waste in the most affected areas close to rivers and reintroducing the recovered material into the economy.
In a circular economy, we create a waste management system that supports local municipalities to effectively manage plastic waste; offer communities safe and fair work, and help to stimulate the economy by involving companies who will buy the end products of the river cleaning and recycling system. Our developers are working on projects in seven different countries, and we plan to install 500 river-cleaning
solutions over the next eight years.


Mikonkatu 9,
00100 Helsinki,


Tomato Jos is a branded food company based in northern Nigeria that delights customers across the nation with high-quality products that channel the power of local production for local consumption. The company’s flagship product is retail-packaged tomato mix, an everyday essential for Nigerian consumers in all income brackets.
Tomato Jos believes that when it comes to food, the only way to make a better product is to make a better supply chain. As such, the company sources its raw materials (tomatoes) from a network of smallholder farmers who have been transformed from subsistence growers into profitable commercial farmers.
Tomato Jos aims to become a top-three packaged food brand in Nigeria by 2030, with at least 10% market share in every category where it competes, and the majority of its raw materials are sustainably sourced from Nigerian smallholder farmers.


Plot 1, Tomato Jos Road
Off Old Jos Road at km 11
Kangimi Dam, Igabi LGA
Kaduna state, Nigeria

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Website: https: //

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